DeLuxe Building History

In 1950, Martin Etcheto built the DeLuxe Laundry as a modern 10,000 square foot facility at 1690 Wells Avenue, one block from its previous location. The new building featured steel roof trusses that transferred the roof load to the exterior walls, which eliminated the need for interior support posts. This created a wide open space for the industrial laundry equipment including a massive boiler.  The building was constructed of Reno brick, manufactured at the Reno Press Brick Company on West 4th Street.

The DeLuxe Laundry remained open until the business was sold in 2005. It then sat vacant for 7 years.  In 2012, Haberae Homes purchased the building and began work on Dozen at the DeLuxe, a project aimed at preserving the original character of the DeLuxe Laundry while giving the iconic building a new purpose.

Habarae’s vision for this 60 year old brick structure focused on its magnificent 24 foot domed roof.  With an exposed wood plank ceiling, curved steel trusses, and brick pillars every 16 feet, they realized they had a perfect footprint for 10 loft residences.  Their philosophy of transforming blighted areas of our city includes incorporating mixed uses for the buildings they acquire. As a result, they included a café and an art gallery in creating the project known as Dozen at the DeLuxe. Three years later, after being acquired by the current owners, these mixed uses had accomplished their objective of assisting in the revitalization of the southern end of Wells Avenue. Thus the art gallery was transformed into a large residential flat and the Cafe’ was repurposed as two additional DeLuxe units - with seven, separate and secure storage units located in the basement.

The DeLuxe building units feature incredible 24 foot ceilings, exposed steel trusses and wooden ceilings. A full second story loft provides more than 300 square feet of sleeping area. Additional sleeping area is located on the ground floor, with one large bath, full-size washer/dryers, dishwasher, polished concrete floors, custom bath tile and very modern, industrial interiors - all loaded into 900 spacious square feet.  Diamond plated steel backsplashes are featured in every DeLuxe kitchen. Full commercial windows and entry doors of glass are provided with every DeLuxe unit to let in all the natural light the Sierras have to offer.

The DeLuxe Apartments Reno Exterior
The DeLuxe Apartments Reno Exterior
The DeLuxe Apartments Reno Mural
The DeLuxe Apartments Reno Exterior


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